Monday, October 15, 2018

ASEAN 2-Wheeler Manufacturing and Sustainability Summit 2018

SE Asia transportation is dominated by 2-wheelers. Scooters and motorcycles, alongside with city-wide initiatives of public bicycle systems are the affordable way for millions of people to commute to work every day. New technologies and tools provide manufacturers with new ways to make better products: battery technology advancements, 3D printed parts, ever increasing range of available sensors, additive manufacturing providing stronger and lighter frames. The production itself is being revolutionized as well - sensors optimizing production, maintenance, material warehousing, quality control & testing, reducing costs by implementing 4.0 automation. All that and more will be talked about at ASEAN 2-Wheeler Manufacturing and Sustainability Summit 2018.

ASEAN 2-wheeler Manufacturing and Sustainability Summit 2018 will bring together manufacturing professionals and expert speakers to jointly pursue the necessary developments of the entire 2-wheelers manufacturing process chain - from materials to machine tools, batteries advancements, testing equipment, production line machinery and robotics and automation to sensors applications in preventive maintenance, safety and data collection.

SE Asia transportation is dominated by 2-wheeler. Scooters and motorcycles, alongside with city-wide initiatives of public bicycle systems are the affordable way for hundreds of millions of people to commute to work every day. New technologies,machinery and tools provide manufacturers with new ways to make better products: battery technology advancements, 3D printed parts, ever increasing range of available sensors, additive manufacturing providing stronger and lighter frames.

The production itself is being revolutionized as well - sensors optimizing production, maintenance, material warehousing, quality control & testing, reducing costs by implementing 4.0 automation.

Find out about how to increase profitability and create more competitive products at ASEAN 2-Wheeler Manufacturing and Sustainability Summit 2018.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Innovate without boundaries

By: Kathryn G. Elagio

Is it possible to innovate without boundaries? As PLM (product lifecycle management) digital strategy is quickly becoming a core part of addressing the needs of a growing manufacturing business in South East Asia, running a digitalised business is no longer just a consideration during a typical use-case exercise. Business executives are now faced with making decisions on solutions that go beyond previous limitations. Selecting the latest tools to address a business process gap is now less about features and more about functionality.

Siemens held its Industry Analyst Conference (SIAC) from August 27-30 in Boston. A follow up report by International Metalworking News for Asia Senior Editor Kathryn G. Elagio who was a part of the media delegate reveals the extent to which Siemens is poised to play a major role in navigating the best path to building, running, and operating your own critical business processes.

In his speech, “Innovate without Boundaries,” Tony Hemmelgarn, President and CEO explained the transformative business value of the digital enterprise can only be realised by dissolving the boundaries between people, processes and applications. “We are integrating software applications into new solutions that reflect and support our customers’ pursuit of more ubiquitous innovation,” he added.
Tony Hemmelgarn, President and CEO 

Tony quoted Mark Weiser, Chief Scientist at Xerox, Father of Ubiquitous Computing, “The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.” Mark’s quote articulated a far more powerful role for technology. It speaks clearly of what Siemens is trying to convey to everyone present during the conference in Boston.

Technology can and should extend beyond to become something far more powerful and Siemens is an advocate that empowers you to be smarter, better, adept, more accomplished.

The age of ubiquitous innovation

According to Tony, the boundaries between systems are disappearing: Ideation, Realisation, and Utilisation. The old rigid labels are dissolving, such as CAD, CAE, PLM, CAM, EDA and etc. The question now is how do you connect? At Siemens, Tony explained that they are focusing on optimising integrated solutions. “New data management technologies can bring more data transparency, collaboration and connections,” he stated.

Tony highlighted, “The new generation of PLM systems place solid foundation behind data organisation allowing manufacturing companies to manage data, collaborate and connect pieces of information using new data management tools including flexible data models, database frameworks and machine learning.”

Key integration initiatives
The president and CEO outlined the key integration initiatives that can help improve business processes: (1) Closed-loop Digital Twin: Use real-world performance insights to change the way you do business. Integrating planning, design, and engineering with ERP and production for >97% on-time delivery. (2) Generative Engineering: Automate engineering exploration to find optimal designs and systems orders of faster magnitude. (3) Electrical / Electronic Integration: Optimise design and manufacturing of complex electrical, electronic and mechanical systems. (4) Autonomous Mobility /Electrification: Realise autonomous mobility faster by integrating design and validation of the entire system in one environment. (5)  Additive Manufacturing: Industrialise additive manufacturing to design and produce useful parts at scale. (6) Digital Factory: Build intelligently automated digital factories to achieve configurable, flexible and personalised production. (7) IIoT/Edge: Leverage IoT insights to increase productivity, optimise products and discover new business models. (8) Electronics Manufacturing: Accelerate NPI by “left-shifting” engineering and planning to achieve right-first-time manufacturing. (9) Cloud: Bring continuous innovation to market faster with flexible cloud solutions and rapid application development.

With the growing expectations from manufacturing companies in South East Asia, it’s a key opportunity for new-generation PLM systems to break into the marketplace. Introducing a connected solution to a traditional industry with long-established pricing and regulatory practices will be a real challenge. But the region is ready to embark on a path to significant transformation that powers greater agility and competitiveness.

It doesn’t matter if your company is experienced with PLM digital strategy or new to the concept. PLM digital strategy is quickly becoming a core part of addressing the needs of a growing business.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Eco servo press from Lien Chieh

The eco servo series is the latest patented innovation from LCH that can be integrated with servo motors, which can save up to 20% energy consumption, and 20% noise reduction.

Reviews from end-users showed that their newly purchased LCH eco servo press is saving more than 30%, 40% and even 50% compared to other brand presses in their factory.
LCH’s Vice President, Michael Wang, explains that LCH is actively making progress on a new press series for the Industry 4.0. The company has been providing turnkey solutions to global companies.  A fully automatic tandem press line with plate washer, loader and unloader was installed in America last year. The production line demonstrated the sketch of unmanned factory with integrated visual inspection, pick and press automation. The production line eliminated labour power by 80%, indicating the capacity of LCH in designing precise, rapid and cost-efficient equipment that reflects unique characteristics according to clients’ request. 
In the future, LCH will focus on refining the sheet metal forming technologies of light-weight materials and components of CFRP, BMC, SMC that apply to electrical/ driverless cars.
Michael Wang, emphasised that the company’s vision is to lead the trend for smart and energy-efficient hydraulic presses making the world a better place for the generations to come.
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Monday, October 1, 2018

Reinventing the art of transmission technology

Gearboxes are used in a very wide range of industrial fields. This important piece of equipment transmits mechanical power. The breakdown of a gearbox would have serious implications, therefore extremely high reliability is demanded.
Sales Manager Stanley Liu of Li Xiang Mach & Elec Co. Ltd talked to International Metalworking News for Asia about the company's latest innovations, ensuring that its designs closely match customer needs.

"Backed by over 40 years of gear and transmission experience, the company is known by its brand, PEI GONG. Li Xiang’s gear manufacturing capabilities gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your gearbox or transmission system is in the hands of true professionals," Liu said.

The company designs and manufactures worm gear reducers, helical gear reducers, planetary gear reducers, gear motors, screw jacks, miter reducer, and so on. Recently, Li Xiang has reached out to initiate various applications in the automation technology.

“The Screw Jack System is the new product series we released this year. We have developed a long experience in transmission technology, and is currently tapping the automation components industry,” he disclosed. According to Liu, the spiral lift jack P series has the feature to reduce noise, while increasing speed and precision rate. It is widely applied in ball screws. He explained, “The spiral jacks offer different sizes to fulfil the request of various automation production lines.”
The goal of Li Xiang is to position itself as a total solution provider of the ever-advancing transmission technology. “We also target the transmission industry’s niche market; and plan to carry out projects, such as designing reducers for robots, which is a highly complex including high precision techniques. We wish to become an expert in offering the solution for reducers in robotic knuckles,” he added.

Machining strength recognised by Germans
“The emphasis on using top tier machines for manufacturing Li Xiang’s products is one of our most important commitment to quality. Fortunately, we have been recognised by clients across the globe with our excellent products. The result was specifically fruitful last year at the Hannover Messe,” Stanley remarked. He shared the experience of cooperating with a German client who produces gear boxes as well. The German company was searching for new suppliers for their own production. After several factory visits for both parties, Li Xiang has increased its knowledge from its German counterpart. On the other hand, the client has expressed its satisfaction by Li Xiang’s quality control and production capacity. The only concern was the access to raw materials, and having a stable source of supply in Taiwan. After a number of trials and tests to ensure the stability of raw materials, Li Xiang became a supplier of the German company.

Speaking of this latest experience, Liu summarised, “This is a firm recognition, which represents the progress of Li Xiang and our determination to improve. It is definitely an encouragement for the following inventions that we are planning on. Lastly, we will remain committed to delivering the best quality products to our niche markets.”

YSM CNC-39T strip and wire forming machine

Qualities include: the processing competence of 1.5-6.5mm wire diameter, 60mm maximal width of strip, 0.8-3.0mm thickness of strip, 150ppm of maximal forming speed, and many other advantageous features. Machine size is optimal at 3500x1800x2.3mm with a total weight 6.8 tons.

About 40% of YSM machines are for automotive and motorcycle sectors, and another 40% is for miniature circuit breaker sector; the rest is for other sectors.

The machine can produce all kinds of computer shrapnels and electronic/ lighting components, and fastener parts in the automotive sector. Moreover, the electric control is upgraded to PLC touch screen, so production information is shown on the screen, making all the information crystal clear to users. The forming slides are with double cams, so that when forming tool returns, it will be driven by backward cam. The integration of backward cams and slide sensors prevents forming tools from stucking, protecting the equipment and prolonging the lifetime of the equipment. The machine is installed with INTERCOM automatic NC tapping made in Italy, providing tapping solution for users.

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Oscarmax introduces new EDM technologies

ROBOT-180 + S860 CMAX 2

Oscarmax focused on three major technologies that they introduced this year during the recent IMTS exhibition in Chicago.
The first product series is CNCW, a micro drill EDM featuring auto guide changer. The process is able to reach complete automation only with one single button and the machining would complete the process of running through tool changer to guide changer.The company started developing medium to large EDMs as opposed to its previous equipment that focuses on tables. Oscarmax enhanced its design of advanced moving columns to compensate larger machining purposes.
The second introduction is using CNCW microdrill EDM integrate CAM software, it could accurately locate the micro drilling hole from the 3D graphs. This particular software is programmed by SIEMENS CAM, which automatically transfers the EDM process parameters and machining details including the hole’s depth and width according to past machining data. This substantially eliminates the time spent for engineers in reading graphs and calculating parameters. It would open up the spaces for users to place their focus on designing higher end molds. This new version of microdrill EDM are mostly facilitated in the ICT industry, their customer include Hong Hai
The third innovation is the multi electrode ATC system that can accommodate 80 tools, with the robotic arms and guideways, the EDM is able to communicate with all three parties, with automated feeding systems. This setup achieves the goal of highly automation in the new concept of factories.
The greatest upgrade that Oscarmax completed in the previous seasons is their strength in engraving E.D.M. The manufacturing cell is designed with two EDMs with the new tool changer that can place 80 tools, and together with robotic arms and linear guideways, the entire cell can continuously work for five days. This manufacturing cell has also been customized for an aerospace manufacturer in Taiwan. The degree of automation is expected to save over 40% of labour resource.
Oscarmax keeps its innovation pace steady, and the technologies have gained them greater audiences across the globe. They experienced growth in the U.S. in the mid-higher tier equipment, while the supply of mid-tier products are popular among India and Vietnam. Next year, Egypt will become a focal location as well, they have obtained reliable partnerships with local agents and thus ready to ship both equipment and front-line engineers there for training.

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